Research Competitions

This section presents information on research contests to which professors of the UC School of Dentistry can apply to fund their studies.

Ethical Evaluation of Research Projects

To send a research project to the ethics committee, follow this link:!/login

Here you will find information about the ethical evaluation process: Research ethics committees:

Here you will find models of documents for the ethics committee. Documents ethical scientific committee:

Research Support Programs

The Vice-Rector for Research has different research support programs. Contests for academic:

Internal Research Competition in Dentistry (ODO UC)

This fund seeks to finance projects that develop research among teachers and students of the Career of Dentistry of the UC.

All the thematic areas or specialties of Dentistry will be welcome in this contest. The application forms will be sent to the teachers of the School of Dentistry through email requesting them to our secretary María Isabel Díaz:

Links of interest

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