Research Area

Welcome to the Research Area of ​​the School of Dentistry. Everyone knows that research plays a critical role in the development of dentistry.

Thanks to research, our discipline has advanced in the understanding of oral diseases, their etiology and the best strategies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

As a School of Dentistry, we have the responsibility to transmit this way of thinking to our students. Therefore, our commitement is to influence in our students developing professionals with a reflective spirit, capable of identifying the best options for their patients and of assessing and applying the advances of research in their professional practice. On this web page you will find information related to the research areas that are followed in this School, its researchers, the available research funds and the results of these studies.


Dr. Patricio Smith F.

Director of Research

School of Dentistry UC

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 2024

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