Projects in Development

External Research Grants

Gingival wound healing and aging: Role of cellular senescence and the transcription factor FOXO1 FONDECYT. 2017- 2020

Investigador Responsable: Dr. Patricio Smith. Co-investigador: Dra. Constanza Martínez

Institutional Research Grants

Pilot project: Impact of orthodontic movement on the loss of bone tissue from the mandibular incisors, determined with 3D technology. Principal investigator: Dra. Aurora Guerra.

Effect of anti-inflammatory treatment with prednisone and vitamin C supplementation in perioperative pain in endodontics and the incidence of post-endodontic pain. Principal investigator: Dra. Pamela Acevedo.

Salivary flow assessment in patients with burning mouth syndrome. Principal investigator: Dra. Verónica Palacios.

Efficacy of a new bioceramic cement through clinical microscopy in endodontics. Experimental study ex vivo. Principal investigator: Dra. Ana María Palma.

Strategies for the indication of postoperative instructions in exodontics. Randomized clinical study. Principal investigator: Dr. Gonzalo Narea.

Validation of a method of quantification and normal value for SPECT of temporomandibular joints. Principal investigator: Dr. Humberto González.

Evaluation of periodontal damage in renal transplant patients that consume cyclosporin A. Principal investigator: Dra. Maite Souyet

Cost-effectiveness analysis of the use of fluoride varnish in preschool population. Principal investigator: Dr. Raúl Palacio.

Effect of fibrin-rich plasma in the healing of periodontal defects. Principal investigator: Dra. Constanza Martínez.

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