Lines and Areas of Research

This section presents information on the main lines and areas of research currently developed in the UC School of Dentistry.

Translational and applied research in dentistry

Dr. Sebastián Aguayo

Nanometric characterization of oral biofilms.


Dra. Bruna Benso             

 Pharmacology of natural products.


Dra. Constanza Martínez       

Biology of periodontal ligament cells Platelet-derived fractions in periodontal regeneration.


Dr. Patricio Smith             

Regulation of wound healing and inflammation in the periodontium Periodontal Diseases.

Prevention and promotion of Health epidemiology public health education in dentistry

Dra. Cynthia Cantarutti     

Education in Dentistry Public health.


Dra. Paulina Humeres

Communication and health Education in Dentistry Promotion and prevention of health.


Dr. Cristián Maturana 

Oral Microbiology Education in Dentistry.


Dra. Alexandra Mustakis 

Cariology: Evaluation of risk factors and prevention.        


Dra. Leonor Palomer           

Education in Dentistry Bioethics.                    


Dra. Claudia Véliz                 

Education in dentistry Epidemiology Bioethics.


Dr. Sebastián Prado           

Systematic Reviews in Dentistry.    


Dr. Duniel Ortuño            

Systematic Reviews in Dentistry.


Dr. Raúl Palacio                   

Economy and oral health.    


Dra. Beatriz Mellado         

Systematic Reviews in Dentistry.     

Clinical Research Adult and child Dentistry

Dr. Daniel Carreño         

Special needs dentistry.


Dr. Huberto González       

Temporomandibular disorders Orthodontics.   


Dr. Fernando Hormazábal

Temporomandibular disorders Chronic pain.


Dra. Lorena Isbej               

Antibiotic resistance in dentistry Educación in Dentistry. 


Dra. Verónica Palacios         

Oral Pathology Oral Cancer Diabetes and oral diseases.


Dra. Natacha Oyarzo     

Periodontitis and systemic diseases.


Dra. Maité Souyet                 

Periodontal medicine Bone regeneration.


Dr. Miguel Rioseco                      

Color in Dentistry.

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